Why not Twitter?

Why not Twitter?

Twitter is an awesome platform for 'human to human' communication; however for 'machine to human' it's not so ideal. You may not wish to include messages from your home or office automation systems in your Twitter feed, or have your 'Things' posts obscured by lots of messages from the people you follow, so Tinamous provides a nice, clean separation between them.

Because Tinamous is designed from the ground up to support connected devices we offer many simpler ways of connecting to our platform, such as HTTP Basic authentication for our REST api, a MQTT Broker and Email parsing, as well as the option to use the less secure HTTP should you wish to.

Mixed Authentication

Supporting Twitter’s OAuth on a micro controlled device can be difficult. Tinamous supports various authentications, allowing you to concentrate on the application code.


Plain and simple Twitter does not support sending measurements other than in a status post, and you don't really want them cluttering your feed!

Simple HTTP Post

Many devices are designed only to send an HTTP POST message. Tinamous accommodates this with its simple authentication and API.


Twitter doesn't support alerting; therefore, if you miss an important status post, then you've missed it. With 'Tinamous Alerts', it's there until you clear it.