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What about API authentication for my Things?

Not all things support O-Auth or O-Auth2 so using the Twitter authentication becomes difficult. Tinamous addresses that by allowing the use of Http Basic or ApiKey style authentication for your things. Although to help security you have to enable this for thing device account.

How about an API?

The api is the corner stone of Tinamous. You can read/post status messages, add/read measurements, raise and handle alerts.

What about privacy?

By default when you create a Tinamous account it's private. You can add and invite people and your things to it, but unless you make the account public only those users get to see the posts in your area.

To help this further we give you your own Tinamous subdomain (e.g. StevesHome.Tinamous.com).

What's wrong with hooking my Things up to Twitter?

Twitter is indeed an good solution for your things, however it's far from idea and not really designed for that. Tinamous you have your own area, so if your fridge is connected it can have it's own @Fridge account, and the garden sensor, that can have it's own @Garden account.

By having private area's Tinamous allows you to focus on your things and removes the noise of all the other people you follow on Twitter. It also means that you don't have to make your twitter accounts private so that others don't see the posts.

Why would I want that?

By integrating your things with Tinamous you can monitor and communicate with your things. You could have an account for your home so you and your family could use it like your own private Twitter, and your devices such as activity monitors would also be part of the status updates.

Wait. Things? What Thinks?

Tinamous is designed to integrate readings, status updates and alerts from your internet of things devices as Arduino's, Netduinos, Raspberry Pi's, home automation sensors and other such devices.

Hi and Welcome to Tinamous.

Tinamous is an private microblogging platform for you, your family, pets and Internet of Things devices.

Think Twitter but private. With Tinamous you get your own area where you can have many accounts.

  • Feature Set 1

    Secure Access

    All accounts use Https SSL access by default to ensure your data is kept private.

  • Donec convallis

    Api Access

    Api access is an important part of Tinamous, we want you to connect up all your home automation devices and sensors so we're providing some easy to use Api's.

  • Sed pharetra


    All accounts default to private so only you and your users can access your private Tinamous area.

An unsocial network for your home

  • Love Twitter but wish you could have your own private version for you, your family and your home automation gear? That's the idea behind Tinanous.

    Stephen Harrison - Developer - Tinamous.com

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