The value of this field is used when showing an overview of the device.
When showing a device summary this can be used to format the value. Use {fieldname:formatting} e.g. {temperature:0.##}.
If no status or measurements are posted by the device in this time-frame it is flagged as Not Reporting.


Allow the device details and measurements to be viewable by anybody.
Set the access level the device has to the API. Bot based devices (i.e. Particle devices) don't need access.
If the device access control is locked. i.e. too many incorrect passwords attempts.
If the device is approved for access to this account.



Fields are created automatically from device measurements.
Channel Name Label Unit Visible Plot Set State Date Added Tags


Tolerance of GPS. Changes in location less than this are ignored.

MQTT Settings

Use this as the device username when connecting the device via the Tinamous MQTT Broker on port 1883 and 8883.

State Variables

Name Value

Particle Settings

Collect variables from this device.
Format as HH:MM:SS How often to check for changes to the device. Should be 5+ minutes for normal operation.
Treat published events with numeric data as measurements.
Treat published events with non-numeric data as status posts.

Particle Notifications

Post a status message when the device comes on-line. Use '{UserName}' to insert the device username.
Post a status message when the device goes off-line. Use '{UserName}' to insert the device username.

Particle Variables

Variables from Particle device automatically map to the device fields. New variables added on the Particle device will create a new field automatically. Removal of fields on the device will not remove it from Tinamous (i.e. measurement history will be preserved).

Collect Name Type Value Time taken to read/ms

Sigfox Settings

Hex string to send to device.Must be 8 Bytes (16 characters) or Empty ONLY. Sent on the next BIDIR downlink request. Cleared on Ack, not cleared if no Ack callback received


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