Alexa Bot

The Alexa Bot is a integration bot that allows you to develop your own Skills. When you add a Alexa bot it will create an OAuth application to allow you and any other user to authorize access for your Alexa skill to access their Tinamous account.

If you just want to use Alexa to control (Turn On, Turn Off, Set Brightness etc) your device you can use the Tinamous SmartHome Skill, You don't need an Alexa Bot to use the Tinamous SmartHome Skill. Once you authorize access for the skill to your account it will function providing you correctly tag your device.

Tinamous SmartHome Skill:

The Tinamous SmartHome skill can be found in the Alexa Skill Store (UK only at this time).

Currently the SmartHome Skill uses status post messages to trigger device actions, hence only the connectivity methods are supported:

To enable Alexa to discover your device it must tagged correctly.

  • Alexa.SmartDevice - this is mandatory for the device to be discovered by the skill
  • Alexa.PowerController - if you wish to enable Turn On, Turn Off
  • Alexa.TemperatureSensor - allow your device to provide temperature readings to Alexa
  • Alexa.PercentageController - support for setting the device percentage
  • Alexa.BrightnessController - support for setting the brightness
  • Alexa.ColorController - add color control to your device
  • Alexa.PowerLevelController - Similar to brightness/percentage
In addition to tagging your device you also need to provide appropriate fields to Alexa for the state report. This can be done using the field name, label or preferably tag.


Directives: None Properties: temperature Note: Currently only celcius is supported for temperature. Alexa.PercentageController Directives: SetPercentage, AdjustPercentage Properties: percentage Status Posts: "@Device Set percentage 90" Status Posts: "@Device Set percentage 90 port-1" Status Posts: "@Device Adjust percentage 10" Status Posts: "@Device Adjust percentage 10 port-1" Utterance: "Alexa, set <> to number percent" Note: If you also support Alexa.Brightness percentage requests come in as brightness.


Directives: SetBrightness, AdjustBrightness Properties: brightness Status Posts: "@Device Set brightness 90" Status Posts: "@Device Set brightness 90 port-1" Status Posts: "@Device Adjust brightness 10" Status Posts: "@Device Adjust brightness 10 port-1" Utterance: "Alexa, set the device to <>" Utterance: "Alexa, dim device <>"


Directives: SetColor Properties: color Status Posts: "@Device Set color HSV 240,0.5,0.1 Status Posts: "@Device Set color HSV 240,0.5,0.1 port-1 Note: color property should be "h,s,v" string value (or h,s,b) - hue, saturation, brightness. (e.g. 200,0.1,0.9) Note: Report the color property only when the bulb is set to an HSB color


Directives: TurnOn, TurnOff Properties: powerState (powerState-port-1) Property can be boolean (on/off), or string "ON", "OFF" or numeric (>0 for on, 0 for off) Status Posts: "@Device Turn On" Status Posts: "@Device Turn On port-1" Status Posts: "@Device Turn Off" Status Posts: "@Device Turn Of port-1"


Directives: SetPowerLevel, AdjustPowerLevel Properties: powerLevel Status Posts: "@Device Set powerlevel 20" Status Posts: "@Device Set powerlevel 20 port-1" Status Posts: "@Device Adjust powerlevel 10" Status Posts: "@Device Adjust powerlevel 10 port-1" Note: If you also support Alexa.Brightness power level requests come in as brightness.

Alexa.LockController - Not Implemented

Directives: Properties: lockState Status Posts: "@Device

Alexa.SceneController - Not Implemented

Directives: Properties: None Status Posts: "@Device

Alexa.ThermostatController - Not Implemented

Directives: Properties: lowerSetpoint,targetSetpoint,upperSetpoint,thermostatMode Status Posts: "@Device