Where do I join?

Go grab yourself a free Tinamous account! You can register here
Or take the demo account for a whirl.

What about API authentication for my 'Things'?

Not all devices support O-Auth, so using the Twitter authentication becomes difficult. Tinamous addresses this problem by allowing the use of HTTP Basic or API Key style authentication for your 'Things'.

How about an API?

The API is the cornerstone of Tinamous. You can read/post status messages, add/read measurements, as well as raise and handle alerts.
You can also connect using MQTT which supports publishing and subscriptions for status posts, measurements and alerts.

What about privacy?

By default, when you create a Tinamous account, it's private. You can add and invite people and your 'Things' to it, but unless you make the account public, only the users you have invited are able to see the posts in your area. You even get your own Tinamous sub-domain (e.g. StevesHome.Tinamous.com) (hurry, get yours before the good ones are all gone!)

What's wrong with hooking my Things up to Twitter?

Twitter is indeed a good solution for one to may human communication; however, it's far from ideal and not really designed for connected devices and private social networking.

Open Connectivity?

As well as an open and documented RESTful API Tinamous also supports MQTT to make it really easy to get your Things connected.


Tinamous is designed for the integration of status posts, alerts and sensor measurements using simple, open connectivity solutions.

Hi and Welcome to Tinamous.

Tinamous is a private micro-blogging Internet of Things platform.

Think Twitter, but private. With Tinamous you get your own area where you control user and device accounts.

  • HTTPS enabled for all accounts.

    Security and Privacy

    All accounts have HTTPS encryption by default and default to private access, allowing only you and your users to access your private Tinamous area.

  • Open API Access

    API Access

    API access is an important part of Tinamous. We want you to connect up everything is sight; consequently, we're providing some easy to use open RESTful APIs as well as MQTT support, email and SMS posting.

  • Private by default

    Arduino Friendly

    Posting using an Arduino is easy, no need for SSL or complex authentication when all you need is something simple.

An unsocial network for your home

  • Love Twitter but wish you could have your own private version? That's the idea behind Tinanous.

    Stephen Harrison - Developer - Tinamous.com

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