Get Your Thing On!

Tinamous Internet of Things Platform

Particle Core, Photon or Electron

Get your Particle devices on easily with the Particle Bot!

Open Connectivity

As well as an open and documented RESTful API Tinamous also supports MQTT to make it really easy to get your Things connected.

Core Functionality

Tinamous is integrates status posts, alerts and sensor measurements using simple, open connectivity solutions easily connecting people and Internet of Things devices.

Sensor measurements are viewable in real-time such as the Geiger counter in the Tinamous office.

Geiger Counter Measurements


Privacy is key to Tinamous. New accounts are private by default. You can add and invite people and add your Things to it, but unless you make the account public, only the users you have invited are able to access your area.

You can make selected devices visible to anybody so you can share your data if you wish.



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